Rainbow Service Dogs, Inc. (RSD), is a non profit agency. RSD assists individuals in locating suitable dogs to train as a service animal.
          In 2008, Rainbow Service Dogs moved to Arizona and opened its doors to its first clients.  We work with animal control centers, Humane Societies, and several local rescues to obtain suitable animals for participants. All potential animals are tested  for aggression, noise response, and other behavior issues  prior to adoption. The animals must display non-aggression to other animals. Individuals are responsible for all adopted animals, their adoption fees, shots and spaying/neutering. (It is a requirement that all animals trained as service dogs be neutered or spayed in order  to ensure they live an independent and prosperous life.) Our program offers a sliding scale for all training fees which is based on income. Training costs run between $12.50 to $16.00 an hour for groups and $18.00 to $25.00 on private. In-home visits range up to $30.00 an hour. The first three months are due upon entry to the program and are non-refundable. .  Our program includes all AKC testing fees and classes. AKC filing fees for each test  are the responsibility of the handler as well as the cost of all patches for each test. Fees range from $10.00 to $20.00 plus $19.00 for AKC PAL registration number (if your dog is not already AKC registered) and patches are $9.00. Upon entrance into the program, members will receive a welcome packet containing class schedules, sample training logs, sample homework sheets and a list of rules and expectations. We are required to maintain records of all immunizations and copies of licensure for all members. (Owners must submit new records every year.)
        All members will receive a picture ID for their SD/ PSD which also has the basic laws on the reverse side. This ID must be carried per program requirements at all times when in public with your dog. Upon graduation, handlers will receive a permanent ID.


* Acquiring a Service Dog
* Learning and sharing techniques
* Assisting in mediation between housing, landlord, and

   transportation authorities
* Offering peer advocacy within counseling, medical

   appointments and other issues that may arise around the
   handler/service dog team

   animal is accustomed to you giving the commands.)
* Striving to ensure individuals with disabilities are treated

   with respect
* Striving  to ensure people who are accompanied by their

   service dogs and guide dogs are not excluded from places
   of business and public activities
* Striving to educate the public about

   (Their roles and the differences between SERVICE,
   Therapy, and Emotional SUPPORT (Companion) Animals
* Striving to educate all agencies,  including physicians

   offices and counseling agencies,  about the differences in
   Public Access to individuals for SERVICE  vs Emotional
   SUPPORT Animals
* Respecting all clients privacy,  sharing no information

   about clients and their disabilities unless released to do
   so to specific individuals or agencies at member’s  

* We discourage discrimination against disabled individuals
   who are accompanied by working animals.
* We promote awareness of individuals accompanied by service

* We will provide training and knowledge (offer workshops and

   educational seminars) to public and private sectors.
* We will educate staff on proper etiquette around SERVICE

* All trainers, Assistant trainers, Peer trainers and Youth

   trainers  will undergo assessments bi-annually.
* We will educate all staff on SERVICE animal laws , their

   requirements and responsibilities in dealing with SERVICE
* We will address problems due to apartment living, educating

   landlords on laws around SERVICE dogs and fees.
* We will participate in programs that assist members in

   obtaining accessible housing, access to public areas, access to  
   transportation, job opportunities and community programs that
   offer volunteer positions or jobs.



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   501c3  ​​​​​​​
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     Rainbow Service Dogs, Inc is a program geared to helping individuals train their own service dogs with the support of peers and the community.

     Rainbow Service Dogs, Inc strives to keep fees affordable while offering group, private and in-home training based on a sliding scale.

     Our program offers the opportuniy for members / clients to become peer trainers. We offer education to clients on multple subjects from training protocal, federal laws, rights of clients, medical issues your dogs can face and much more.

     Rainbow Service Dogs, Inc offers education to public facilities and programs 

               Rainbow Service Dogs, Inc understand that more than 30% of people in the United  States suffer from mental health concerns and millions of peoples struggle with serious mental illnesses like PTSD, bipolar disorder and major depression and issues with phobias and anxieties.  A dog can pick up on a panic attack long before it occurs and alert an individual to take medications, get themselves to a safe place or get help for the handler if he/ she cannot do what is necessary.

            We train dogs effectively to help reduce symptoms of psychological and Medical illnesses through various alert methods and deep-pressure therapy.   A dog can detect changes in the body quite readily. (For example, you could drop a teaspoon of sugar in  a ten gallon tub and the dog could detect through smell (sometimes taste) exactly where the sugar was dropped in the water. Due to the fact our bodies are made up of  about 60% water, a dog can detect sudden or oncoming changes and alert their owners.
   Having a service dogs can be life-changing  promoting healing, empowerment and most importantly, independence which in most cases, improves the quality of life.
     Rainbow Service Dogs, inc, specializes in working with children and their families. The children in our program experience  a multitude of psychological and medical issues which include Juvenile onset diabetes, autism, seizures, P.O.T.S,  Muscular Dystrophy and other mobility isses, and so much more. 
Come and Join our Community!!