Rainbow Service Dogs, Inc
Mission Statement
Rainbow Service Dogs Inc, works to assists individuals, families with children, and veterans in obtaining a service dog. We work with a variety of disorders including, but not limited to: Autism, Diabetes, P.O.T.S, Allergy alert, Seizure disorders, PTSD and other mental health issues.
In a community family style environment, we offer a work at your own pace training program to ensure success for each individual to gain independence and improve his/her quality of life. We offer advocacy and education to members, community programs and                   schools about the important role of service dogs and service dog laws. Rainbow Service Dogs Inc, offers the opportunity for members to utilize their own training experience to assist other members in a peer-training environment. Our motto: We are not just a program, We are a community.

Our training program encompasses a full-on approach with the handler-dog team. We work with the team through training tasks and behaviors as needed for the handler-dog team to increase the ability of the handler to function in society with less stress. We offer a community-family style environment in which members work together to support each other both within the class environment as well as outside the classroom environment. We make an effort to connect members who share the same diagnosis so that they can share tactics and methods of dealing with their issues as well.
We utilize a balanced training method encompassing positive reinforcers for training and managing behaviors. Within the training, the dog is rewarded with treats for performing the desired behavior or action; and if the dog does not respond appropriately, a No-Reward verbal marker is used. We utilize either food or toy lures; however, if a client chooses, he/she may use a clicker to mark behaviors but only during the beginning to mid training. By the completion of the service dog training program, we expect the handler to no longer need the clicker for the dog to perform tasks or behaviors.
We do not believe in utilizing force, shock, prong, or electric collars. A client is required to have his/her dog leashed during training unless it physically hinders the client’s ability to function. Retractable leashes ARE NOT ALLOWED within training. Within the program, all dogs are required to wear a flatbuckle collar to hold tags only. We require all teams to utilize harnesses when in the classroom environment. We will only allow the use of a head collar if the handler has received prior approval from staff with the expectation that by the time training is completed, the use of the head collar will no longer be needed.
 We believe that a dog trained with his/her owner taking part in the training gives a better opportunity for a solid connection. The dog, training alongside the handler, gets to know his/her handler’s actions, behaviors, deficits and expectations. This working together increases the bond and helps the dog progress at a faster pace.  When the team works together from the start, the dog learns to focus more on the needs and commands of the handler rather than that of a previous trainer.